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Mrs. Guenada Meaux-Lambert
Camp Director
Dr. Tommie "Tonea" Stewart 
Executive Director
Mr. Brian Martin
ARPAC Director
Dr. Wendy R. Coleman
Camp GIFTED Director

Dear Camp Supporters,

Since 1992, I have witnessed the Tonea Stewart Summer
Performing Arts Camps grow by leaps and bounds. 
Our mission is to inspire, motivate, embrace and validate 
the unique talents of our children. Through the success stories of each participant, we are accomplishing our goals.
Each student is afforded the opportunity to experience life changing moments as a very capable and professional staff nurture their talents. By using the performing arts as a teaching tool, we are helping students realize the vision of who they can be if they simply embrace their dream.

At the end of each camp, participants perform in an awesome
and mind blowing play that changes (not only their lives) but those
of the staff and audience members as well.
During these difficult and challenging times,
 I find the arts more than ever, necessary to provide an emotional and creative outlet for our society. Join us as we keep the Arts alive at Alabama State University.


Dr. Tommie H. Stewart

Mrs. Beverly Bassett
Associate Director
Ms. Lois Jackson
Asst. to the Executive Director & Camp Writer
Tonea Stewart Performing Arts  Camps