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CAMP 3T  Teaching through Theatre 
has been postponed until Summer 2021.

Teaching through Theatre (Camp 3T) is a residential camp for young adults age 13-18 offering classes in  acting, singing, dancing and oral interpretation. 

If you have already applied we will hold your application until next summer.  If you have paid a deposit, you may choose to have it apply to next summer or it will be refunded.  Please contact 334-229-6929 for more details.

Camper’s Checklist:
Twin bed sheets/liners, comforter
Pillows for your bed (extra pillows)
Shower Curtains
Toiletries (toothbrush, comb, soap, towels, disinfectant spray)
Pocket change for snacks, laundry, etc.
Toilet Tissue
Cell phones are allowed, use for Emergencies Only
Black or dark blue shorts or pants (T-Shirts will be provided) for final performance
Sneakers only (no heels, sandals or open toed shoes allowed)
Loose comfortable clothing (Nothing too revealing, short or tight)
Sponsors will NOT be responsible for lost and/or stolen cell phones, cameras, i-pods, mp3 players, or other devices. We request that you not bring them and we reserve the right to confiscate items until the end of camp if they prove to be a distraction.

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